Buy Interior Leads Monthly Packages For Interior Leads in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Tamilnadu, Patna, Telangana and more.

Take Your Interior Business To The Next Level With Our Interior Leads Monthly Packages.

Let us generate high quality, verified and exclusive + non exclusive leads for you while you focus on providing top notch service.

Let’s grow together.

How Will Our Interior Leads Monthly Packages Help Grow Your Business?

We have been generating leads for Interior services since 2014. We know how difficult it is to generate leads and the quality of leads are so bad.

Anyone can run their own ads on Google, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms and generate leads (and we recommend you should  definitely run your own ads) – But if you have tried it you already know the type of leads we get.

This is where our experience and expertise in Digital Marketing and Interior Services help us.

We know what works and what doesn’t, This doesn’t mean we get top quality leads.. no the lead quality is still bad but this is where our team shines.


This is how we work

1. Potential customers directly contact us via our platform and we generate leads by running Digital Marketing campaigns.

2. After getting a lead, Our team calls and speaks with them, Understands their requirements and if they’re looking for a service now or in future and if they already have the property in possession.

3. We collect all the relevant information like their Property location, requirements, budget, floor plan, planned start date and lot more (the usual details you need)

4. If the lead has requirements in the future we keep the lead and keep in touch with them until they’re ready and once ready we proceed to the next step.

5. If the lead has requirement within 1-2 weeks we share the lead details with the service provider nearby their locality. Initially we share their location, requirements, budget and floor plan after that if the service provider accepts we share their contact details otherwise we share new lead.

6. After speaking with the lead, If there’s any issue with the quality of lead – Like they stop responding or if they say they don’t need the service we verify and provide the replacement lead.

These Are Our Monthly Packages For Interior Service Leads.

Basic Plan

14,995 9,995 / Month
  • Total Leads - 4
  • Exclusive Leads - 2 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Non Exclusive Leads - 2 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Average project budget between 2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs

Advanced Plan

17,995 12,995 / Month
  • Total Leads - 6
  • Exclusive Leads - 3 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Non Exclusive Leads - 3 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Average project budget between 3 Lakhs - 6 Lakhs

Pro Plan

24,995 19,995 / Month
  • Total Leads - 10
  • Exclusive Leads - 4 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Non Exclusive Leads - 6 (Residential/Commercial)
  • Average project budget between 4 Lakhs - 7 Lakhs

Please Note: You will NOT be charged every month automatically. You are in total control and you decide whether to renew it or not.